Exercise may slow down the aging process

Jan 27, 2011

Seniors that regularly exercise can prevent illnesses that come with age.

Recent research indicates that seniors who participate in vigorous physical exercise may help their bodies reconstruct themselves and possibly prevent illnesses that come with age, according to the News-Press.

Dean Davis, an 81-year-old world champion triathlon athlete, is evidence that consistent physical activity does have its benefits. His six-day regimen of exercises includes six-mile runs, kayaking, weight lifting and swimming, says the paper. He noted that he has participated in more than 170 athletic competitions since 2009.

Another senior, Skip Mulaney, a 71-year-old long distance runner, who lost both his parents and one sibling to heart disease, encourages people of any age to try to get some physical activity incorporated into their lives. He told the paper that he has routine check-ups that show his cholesterol and weight are under control, which he says is due to his aerobic workouts.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that exercise for seniors is very important because it helps keep diseases away. In addition to physical benefits, any person who follows a healthy lifestyle may pay lower life insurance premiums.

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