Good health starts at an early age

Dec 01, 2010

Healthy lifestyles start in childhood

Good long-term health habits may be the key to a long life. It's a good idea for parents to get their children started off on the right foot, by having them engage in regular activity.

Research from the University of Buffalo shows that something as minor as walking to school has been shown to reduce stress levels in children and may ultimately reduce their risk of heart disease later in life.

"The cardiovascular disease process begins in childhood, so if we can find some way of stopping or slowing that process, that would provide an important health benefit," says UB associate professor and study investigator James Roemmich. "We know that physical activity has a protective effect on the development of cardiovascular disease, and one way it may be doing so is by reducing stress reactivity."

Conditions such as heart disease may make some people pay more for their life insurance. People with heart disease are frequently thought of as more risky to insure because of the elevated risk of a sudden heart attack and other deadly ailments.

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