Hitting the road and hitting the gym

Feb 03, 2011

Staying in shape on the road

For many consumers whose jobs force them to travel frequently, it can be hard to settle into a routine for diet and exercise. However, some options are available for road warriors looking to stay in shape, according to FitnessGoop.com.

The website says being far away from one's home gym or pilates studio doesn't have to mean exercise is impossible. Many such establishments allow travelers to take advantage of lower rates available to so-called "drop-in" customers, FitnessGoop says.

Beyond looking for commercial workout facilities, according to the website, just bringing workout gear along on trips can help remind travelers of the importance of working out and keeping fit despite their convoluted schedules.

As well, eating a lot of food rich in anti-oxidants and making sure to stay hydrated can help avoid the travel "blahs" and minimize the chances of catching a cold while traveling, according to FitnessGoop.

The benefits of staying in shape despite having to travel extensively can be financial as well as medical, experts say, pointing to lower life insurance premiums for healthy consumers.

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