How to live to 100

Aug 03, 2011

Living to 100 may no longer be a pipe dream

A release from U.S. Census Bureau reports that health officials are predicting more than 800,000 people will be entering into their second century of life by 2050, according to Time Magazine. Americans who were born in the 1800s and are still living have seen two world wars, the moon landing, the Great Depression and the 1918 flu pandemic, but manged to survive it all.

As a result, experts are studying these centenarians to discover the key to life longevity, possibly helping Americans determine what type of life insurance policy they need to purchase.The majority of these Americans are mentally alert and free of disability, which may surprise people.

Nowadays much of the aging population is struck with cancer, heart disease, dimentia and other ailments, limiting their ability to make that century mark. However, much of the 100-plus generation seems to have a tolerance or immunity to these diseases.

In an effort to further examine how these people are living so long the The New England Centenarian Study, researched 850 people entering their 100s and found that those who did not smoke, were extroverted and stayed lean were more likely to live this long.

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