Learn to drive safely in winter weather

Jan 21, 2011

Driving with extra caution during the winter months can save lives.

Driving during the winter can be risky, as cumulative precipitation and falling temperatures usually equates to problems for motorists. The Injury Board recently released a report pointing out some tips for safe traveling.

In any type of weather speed and negligence causes the majority of accidents, says the report. Add a freezing climate, precipitation, and shortened visibility, and suddenly driving on the once clear roads turns into a hazardous challenge.

The report first notes to clear snow and ice build-up from the car and allow extra time to reach a destination. In addition, avoid using a cell phone and texting while driving. Being extremely cautious and aware on the roadways is key, and remember to watch for icy spots.

Furthermore, drivers should keep emergency supplies in their vehicle in case they are stranded, such as window scrapers, blankets, warm clothing, gloves, anti-freeze, a cell phone charger and first aid kit.

Every person should provide themselves with life insurance because it supplies financial support for the family when something tragic happens. The National Highway Traffic Administration statistics show that there were 30,797 fatal car accidents in 2009. 

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