Life insurance company helps create app to educate on retirement planning

Oct 06, 2011

A new app for the iPhone will give information on retirement savings.

MassMutual, a mutual life insurance company, has teamed with Acsys Interactive, an interactive agency, to create an iPhone application to help educate those in Generation Y on the importance of retirement saving and planning.

The app, called Your Future Moves, challenges users to see how they will look at retirement age, places future outcomes that highlight the need to save and allows them to share their results on Facebook.

"Your Future Moves engages twentysomethings by giving them the opportunity to take a peek at their future to highlight the need to start thinking about retirement sooner rather than later," says Acsys Executive Creative Director Lino Ribolla.

MassMutual said in a July case study on the program that they wanted to engage the users' emotions, map the employee benefit enrollment consumer experience, use the audience as a channel advisor and help plan for mobile for the company.

The report on the product emphasizes that youth need to start saving, but things such as student loans, living expenses and impulse buys are taking up a lot of the money. The company hopes the program will give younger people some incentive to buy life insurance for the future.

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