New program aims to combat disease

Jan 26, 2011

A program aims to help make Americans healthier

Many preventable diseases are increasingly being diagnosed nationwide. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has announced the Healthy People 2020 campaign to reverse the trend.

Among the program's goals is to motivate people to make healthier choices in their lives. Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Howard Koh says having a fitter population will have multiple benefits.

"Too many people are not reaching their full potential for health because of preventable conditions," says Koh. "Healthy People is the nation's roadmap and compass for better health, providing our society a vision for improving both the quantity and quality of life for all Americans."

Healthier Americans will help reduce the financial burden of medical care on society. Every year, a vast sum of money is spent on patient care for conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, which are preventable in most cases.

Under the Affordable Care Act, new health insurance plans will be required to cover preventative care screenings, which will help alert people who are at risk for developing certain conditions. Living free from disease will also help people get better life insurance premiums. 

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