Number of motor vehicle collisions with deer on the incline

Nov 18, 2010

More motorists are getting into accidents involving deer

Motorists never know when they will get into an accident. Many people think of an accident as a collision involving at least two motor vehicles on a busy road. However, an accident doesn't have to involve another vehicle to be fatal.

Poor road conditions can cause even the safest driver to swerve on a patch of ice and hit a telephone poll or snow bank. Animals, too, can suddenly run in the path of a car. Wild animals, in particular, can catch motorists off guard while driving through wooded areas.

Claims data from a major auto insurance company reveals that motor vehicle accidents involving deer have increased more than 20 percent in five years. Motorists in West Virginia are most likely to get into an accident with a deer within the next 12 months, according to the data, with the likelihood being 1 in 42.

Being involved in an accident with another vehicle, or animal, can be fatal. It's wise for motorists to employ safe driving practices regardless at all times to reduce their chances of getting into an accident. People should also consider purchasing life insurance if they are frequently on the road in case they are involved in a serious accident.

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