Program educates women on healthy food options

Feb 01, 2011

A program aims to help low-income women make wise food decisions

Some Americans struggle to eat a balanced diet because they lack access or the funds necessary to obtain nutritious food. The Food Network and N Street Village are teaming up to change that and bring healthy meal options to low-income women.

The Food Network's Sunny Anderson is helping to teach women in transitional housing situations how to purchase and prepare healthy meals. Many traditionally fatty dishes can be prepared with more healthful substitutions.

N Street Village president Mary Funke says it is important for clients to have control of their health.

"Obesity and diabetes are major health issues facing this nation," said Funke. "They are costly to our country, and affect communities and families everywhere, especially the women at risk we work with every day."

Several health problems, such as type 2 diabetes, can be prevented in many cases through proper diet and lifestyle. Warding off such ailments can help consumers of all incomes save on their healthcare and life insurance premiums. Those in need of serious diet modifications should consult their physician.  

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