Report: Air pollution kills thousands each year

Nov 11, 2010

A new report warns that pollution from coal power plants and other sources kills thousands each year.

Even people who avoid cigarettes their entire life can find themselves saddled with respiratory illnesses and other serious medical problems, depending on the pollution levels that are found in their area.

Public health experts have long cited particulate matter pollution as a serious health problem. This type of pollution is often generated by industrial smokestacks and vehicle traffic, and harms the body by allowing tiny particles to become embedded in the lungs and to enter the bloodstream.

In fact, the Clean Air Task Force recently released a report on the state-by-state impacts that coal-fired power plants can have on public health. According to the organization, pollution from coal-fired power plants will cause more than 13,000 premature deaths this year alone.

"From asthma attacks to premature deaths, air pollution from power plants still causes far too much harm to public health. This report makes clear that we must have strong rules to reduce air pollution,” said Janice Nolen of the American Lung Association.

From a life insurance perspective, even those who take meticulous care of their health can find themselves facing a serious illness brought on by air pollution - especially if they live in a busy urban or industrial area. As a result, considering a life insurance policy is often the right way to help protect loved ones financially.

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