Some serious health conditions can be prevented

Nov 15, 2010

There are many health benefits gained by those who quit smoking

Serious health conditions have been known to increase one's life insurance premiums as they are considered a higher risk to insure. Recent research published in an American Heart Association journal shows that some people may have peripheral artery disease and not even know it.

PAD is a condition in which blood does not flow freely to one's leg arteries. Furthermore, the condition can result in other cardiovascular difficulties. Study co-author Elizabeth Mahoney says the condition is preventable.

"PAD shares the same risk factors as cardiovascular conditions like stroke and heart attack, but does not always have the dramatic onset," says Mahoney.

The National Institutes of Health says that smoking, high cholesterol levels, and diabetes are three contributing factors to PAD. Some common symptoms of PAD include leg cramping, poor toe nail growth and a weak pulse in lower extremities.

One way to reduce the changes of being diagnosed with PAD is to lower blood pressure levels and quit smoking, says the NIH. Furthermore, those who stop smoking will also reduce the likelihood of developing other serious medical conditions, such as cancer.

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