Study: Cocoa healthier than fruit juice

Apr 12, 2011

Dark chocolate may be healthier than some fruit juices.

When compared with assorted fruit juice powders, cocoa powder and dark chocolate were found to contain more antioxidants and be potentially better for cardiac health, according to a recent study in Chemistry Central Journal.

Researchers compared a powder made from cocoa seeds and dark chocolate, with powders and juices from fruits that have been labeled "super foods" by certain nutrition experts. Super foods are those which have been found to have a host of health benefits and may either serve as prevention or treatment for various ailments.

When compared to blueberry, cranberry and pomegranate powder, cocoa powder and dark chocolate were discovered to have more antioxidants as well as more flavonoids, which have been found to reduce blood pressure.

However, a study performed around the same time last year reinforced that the way we currently consume chocolate is usually unhealthy. "Because we mainly eat it as a candy with sugar added, it's going to be high in calories and not necessarily good for you in high quantities, because it will take the place of more nutritious foods," registered dietitian Katherine Tallmadge told LiveScience.

Over consumption of sugar has been linked to illnesses including obesity and diabetes, both life-threatening disorders that may also result in having to pay higher life insurance premiums.  

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