Tips to prevent electrical fires

Feb 04, 2011

Electrical fires can be prevented if safety tips are followed.

The United States Fire Administration wants homeowners to follow simple steps to prevent the loss of life and property, which could result from an electrical fire.

During an average year, home electrical problems are responsible for 67,800 fires, 485 deaths, and $868 million in property losses, according to the USFA. The main cause for this revolves around the misuse and poor maintenance of appliances, incorrectly installing wiring, and overloading circuits and extension cords.

Some tips the USFA says to follow include routinely checking electrical appliances and wiring, replacing any tool if it causes even small shocks, overheats, shorts out or gives off smoke or sparks, don’t allow children to play with any gadget, and don’t forget to have a working smoke alarm on every level of the house.

The USFA notes home appliances most often involved in these types of fires are electric stoves and ovens, dryers, central heating units, televisions, radios and record players.

If an electrical fire does start in the home, make sure it is handled properly because the results can lead to disastrous consequences, which is why acquiring life insurance is important for any homeowner. 

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