Weight management program enhances formula

Jan 27, 2011

Jenny Craig is changing its weightloss program

Jenny Craig is making some major changes to its weight management program.

The program has long been associated with helping people reach their weightloss goals and is now offering a "Metabolic Max Program," which utilizes an armband to help monitor the number of calories burned.

According to Jenny Craig, research indicates people are more likely to keep weight off if they are actively involved in monitoring the number of calories eaten and burned.

Jenny Craig CEO Patti Larchet says losing weight is more involved than some people may think.

"Achieving weight loss goals requires more than a diet; it requires a comprehensive food-body-mind approach that leads to lifestyle changes," says Larchet.

Jenny Craig isn't the only weight management company changing its formula. Earlier this year, Weight Watchers made changes to its "points" program.

Weight management is important to a person's overall health and well-being. Being in better shape can also result in lower life insurance premiums. It's best for people to modify their lifestyle if they are overweight, whether it be through a program like Jenny Craig or a suggestion made by their physician.  

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