Younger men urged to check for high blood pressure

Dec 01, 2010

It's important for even younger people to be aware of potential blood pressure problems.

An organization that promotes better heart health is reminding young men that they should pay attention to the risks of high blood pressure.

According to the World Heart Federation, younger, unmarried men are the least likely people to be receiving treatment for hypertension, or to even be aware they may have a problem with it. In contrast, older women were said to be the most aware of issues involving high blood pressure.

"The results of this study will hopefully help to indentify people that may benefit from more targeted blood pressure screening and education to improve identification and management of their condition," said Dr. Clara Chow of McMaster University in Canada.

Researchers analyzed data from more than 150,000 people in 17 countries, and determined that in developed nations, the awareness rate among young men involving high blood pressure is almost the same. Slightly less than half of the young men with hypertension in either urban or rural areas in the developed world were said to be getting treatment for the condition.

From a life insurance perspective, high blood pressure is a dangerous condition that can give rise to serious and potentially fatal incidents like heart attacks and strokes. A history of such problems can be sufficient to result in higher premiums for many people.

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