The vanishing Hardy Potter role

Oct 31, 2011

A popular character in the Harry Potter stories had to be written out of the films because the actor's life insurance policy was too expensive.

Robert Hardy, veteran actor from the U.K., recently told fans at the Cheltenham Literature Festival that he was written out of the Harry Potter film series because he was 85 years old and the studio said his life insurance payments were too expensive.

According to IOL Tonight, Warner Brothers refused to pay the life insurance bill to cover Robert Hardy, 85, who played Cornelius Fudge from the Ministry of Magic in four of the preceding Harry Potter films. Despite the character still playing a role in the book series beyond the first four stories, Hardy's part in the films was eliminated due to high life insurance costs.

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A proposed plan from the Obama administration last year called for a $550 deductible on Medigap plans and coverage limitation on the next $5,000 of costs to 50 percent, which the Congressional Budget Office said could save the government an estimated $53 billion over a decade. However, insurance commissioners feel a change to the Medigap cost-sharing benefits program could confuse many senior policyholders, the news source reported.

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