Preparing wills early can save headaches later in life

Jan 31, 2012

Writing a will can be painstaking work, but it should be done.While people tend to dilly-dally on making their will, RocketLawyer founder Charley Moore said a will is an effective financial security tool, according to Business Insider. Creating a will at an early age can help a person further secure his or her family's future, especially if the individual also has a life insurance policy.

"You do it for your family's (future)," says RocketLawyer founder Charley Moore. "(A will) enables you to start thinking about issues like whether you have the right insurance coverage, life insurance, and ways of replacing your lost income."

Even though it may not be that hard to do, a RocketLawyer poll found many people do not like making their will. According to the poll, about 60 percent of Americans said they didn't have a will and one third said they would rather do their taxes or get a root canal instead of writing their will.

Mandi Woodruff said on Business Insider that people should write up a will regardless if they're young or old. Having a will prepared and a suitable life insurance policy can take a lot of pressure off of loved ones down the line.

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