Smokers quitting for cash and lower life insurance premiums

Jan 31, 2012

Quitting smoking can reduce life insurance premiums.

The Yale School of Public Health's Community Alliance for Research and Engagement is organizing the Quit and Win campaign for 2012, an anti-smoking program that awards participants who successfully quit smoking.

The month-long program is taking paricipants from New Haven, Connecticut, and aims to help people stop smoking completely by giving away $500 incentives, the Yale Daily News reported.

"We hope that the financial incentive and health information provides them with self-empowerment and awareness, to motivate them to extend the time frame (of quitting) themselves," Naa Sackey, CARE neighborhood program assistant, told the source.

Adults who want to participate in the program must place their personal information in one of the program's mailboxes throughout the city, and give breath tests throughout the month to verify they have not been smoking, the source reported.

The main goal of the program is to improve the health of the participants and people around them. But quitting smoking has other associated benefits, including lower insurance premiums. Health Insurance reported that both health and life insurance premiums are significantly higher for consumers who smoke or use tobacco products. Thus, quitting an unhealthy habit can save money as well.

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