Businesses should look to keep employees healthy

Feb 03, 2012

Keeping employees healthy could be a great move for businesses.

Employers that provide life insurance policies for their employees may want to take a look at a recent Quest Diagnostics study, which found workers may not be as healthy as some businesses think. The study found more than 33 percent of employees who took lab-based wellness tests were at risk for kidney disease, high cholesterol or diabetes.

The study covered 52,27 first-time participants from 15 companies, and although many employers can look at this as bad news, this can also be seen as a way to start addressing the issues.

"Why these three markers? High cholesterol can lead to heart disease and stroke, the first and third leading causes of death for men and women," Ashlea Ebeling said on Forbes' writeup of the study. "The study also looked at kidney disease because awareness is low, even though the number of cases in the United States (26.3 million) is similar to diabetes (25.8 million)."

For employers, especially those who provide employees with a life insurance policy, having employees suffer from bad health can mean big costs down the line. Ebeling writes in the news source that many companies are now encouraging employees to take wellness tests, penalizing those who do not.

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