Financial resolutions: The most important to keep

Feb 21, 2012

One important resolution is to keep finances healthy.

Burnham Gibson Financial Group recently identified some financial resolutions Americans should consider keeping in 2012 to improve their finances and avoid taking on debt.

One recommendation the group offers is for consumers to start planning for retirement if they have not done so already. The sooner consumers start funding savings accounts and other financial products for retirement, the more money they will accumulate and have access to during their golden years.

In addition, the financial group suggests consumers update their will and estate plans to make sure all their assets are taken care of. All financial products should be reviewed at least once a year in case a person's needs have changed, such as who they have listed as their beneficiaries.

Further, it is also important to review life insurance products to fill in any gaps or even upgrade to better coverage. If a consumer does not have life insurance yet, the New Year is a great opportunity to shop around, compare quotes and work with a financial planner to find the best product to suit the consumer's needs.

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