Glass of milk per day can benefit brain

Feb 24, 2012


Milk may have some good effects, one study says.-

"Milk does a body good" has always been a popular saying, but "milk does a brain good" could be the next big thing, according to a new study. Researchers at the University of Maine found that a glass of milk per day can provide needed nutrients and help brain and mental performance. Staying healthy in ways like this could also have a positive impact on a life insurance policy as a person gets older.

The study, which was funded by the "Got Milk?" campaign, put men and women ages 23 to 98 through a series of brain tests and found that people who drank a glass per day scored higher on memory and other tests compared with those who drank little to no milk.

While the researchers say more studies are needed on the topic, scientists say milk nutrients' positive effect on the brain can potentially give the" opportunity to slow or prevent neuropsychological dysfunction."

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