Life insurance for children is a routine move

Feb 29, 2012

Life insurance for kids isn't a bad thing.

After a young Maine girl's disappearance, local insurance agents have responded to criticisms about the the parents taking out child life insurance. The Portland Press Herald said children's life insurance is a common occurrence and may not be an issue in the disappearance of Ayla Reynolds.

"In fact, many group life insurance plans have dependents' coverage because children do pass away," said Tom Record, senior staff attorney for the Maine Bureau of Insurance, according to the news source.

Another source, Charles Reeves, a family law attorney, told the Press Herald that the fact that there was a policy taken out for this child doesn't mean there was any wrongdoing. The news source said usually when people buy children's life insurance they aren't looking for a death benefit; instead, they are looking to guarantee insurability.

CBS said the girl's father took life insurance out on the child in the weeks before she disappeared. While this may seem suspicious, children's life insurance can serve to financially protect parents while allowing them to grieve.

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