More than 150,000 kids start smoking each year

Feb 29, 2012

More than 150,000 teens start smoking each year.

Smoking has a lot of downsides and not much upside. Not only is it a health risk, but it costs a lot and can increase life insurance costs. Cancer Research UK reports that 157,000 children ages 11 to 15 start smoking each year in England while almost a million have tried smoking at least once.

"Preventing young people from being tempted to try smoking is vital, as eight out of 10 adult smokers start before they turn 19," according to Cancer Research UK. "Cancer Research UK is petitioning the government to bring in plain packaging of tobacco so children are less likely to be seduced by the sophisticated marketing techniques designed to make smoking attractive to youngsters."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 3,800 people younger than 18 smoke their first cigarette each day in the United States.

Most children who start smoking eventually turn into adults who want to quit, as the CDC said 69 percent want to quit completely. This can help with health, saving money and cutting down on the costs of life insurance.

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