People should eat better for heart health

Mar 01, 2012

People should eat better for heart health.

In an effort to be healthier, save on life insurance and possibly save a life, people should look to eat healthier food. Cardiologist Arthur Agatston, author of "The South Beach Wake-Up Call," told MSN Health that eating healthy is so simple and effective that most people can't believe it works.

"In traditional societies, where people don't eat processed foods, heart disease is rare," said Agatston, according to the news source. "If you start with a healthy diet in childhood, heart attacks are almost completely preventable."

Up to 70 percent of heart disease can be avoided with the correct eating regimen, according to Walter Willett, chair of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health and posted on MSN. He said the correct diet is much more effective than any kind of drug.

Eating healthy can help cut down on the risk of heart disease and people should know which foods are heart-healthy. A separate post on MSN Health said apples, chickpeas, almonds and blueberries are among the foods that can help heart health.

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