Common heart disease may be passed on from father to son

Mar 02, 2012

Heart diseases can be passed on from father to son.

New research shows that a common heart disease that kills thousands of people every year could be passed on from father to son. People with a family history of heart health problems should be screened often and invest in life insurance to help protect themselves and their families.

The University of Leicester published the study in The Lancet, a scientific magazine. The study shows that the Y chromosome could play a big role in the inheritance of coronary artery disease, which caused 88,236 deaths in 2008, 49,665 of which were men.

"We are very excited about these findings, as they put the Y chromosome on the map of genetic susceptibility to coronary artery disease. We wish to further analyze the human Y chromosome to find specific genes and variants that drive this association," principal investigator Dr. Maciej Tomaszewski said. "The major novelty of these findings is that the human Y chromosome appears to play a role in the cardiovascular system beyond its traditionally perceived determination of male sex." said people looking for life insurance who have heart problems could end up paying a higher premium, but even more coverage will help protect families in the long-term financially.

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