American Heart Month should be use to help reduce heart disease risk

Mar 05, 2012

People should use this month to make people aware of heart health.

As February was American Heart Month, Senior Care Corner said people should use the month to help loved ones reduce heart disease risk and work on their own as well. People should get themselves screened and invest in life insurance for long-term coverage and safety.

“Addressing the risk factors that are controllable can improve our chances against heart disease,” says Kathy Birkett, registered dietitian and Senior Care Corner co-founder. “There is no time better than now to help our senior loved ones make the changes needed or to do so ourselves.”

Senior Care Corner said people should monitor their blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduce salt intake, and manage weight. Following this advice could help improve heart health and keep people healthier over the years.

Healthy Aging said getting multiple quotes should be done if someone suffers from heart disease or condition. The website said to work on reducing heart disease, quit smoking, exercise more, diet and get regular health checkups.

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