Company produces video series for those buying life insurance over 50

Mar 08, 2012

Guide videos have been released for those who want to buy life insurance who are over 50.

While many Americans don't know how to get life insurance quotes online and may not even be sure how to get quoted at all, a new consumer help website has put out an online video series in an effort to help consumers over 50.

The series, by, is called "Life Insurance Over 50" and explains things such as term life insurance versus whole life insurance, how to use life insurance as an investment vehicle and how to get the best possible quotes on a life insurance policy.

"The video series is not about giving out the best life insurance quotes. In fact the video series will focus on educating its viewers on the only policy which one should be concerned about if looking to use life insurance as a safe investment vehicle," according to the company. "This is a free video series to help educate oneself ... this concept will amaze most Americans."

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