Women with heart conditions may survive longer than men

Mar 15, 2012

Men with heart conditions may not live as long as women.

A new study printed in the European Journal of Heart Failure finds that women may live longer than men who have chronic heart failure. While both parties should make sure a life insurance policy is secured, males with families should especially make sure they are protected with a policy given the information found in this study.

The study, the Meta-Analysis Global Group in Chronic Heart Failure, looked at data from more than 40,000 men and women with chronic heart failure and found that 25.3 percent of women and 25.7 percent of men died in the first three years. Adjusted for age, men had a 31 percent higher death percentage than women in the study.

"This study has clearly demonstrated that survival is better for women with heart failure than for men, irrespective of ejection fraction, age or other variables," said first author Dr. Manuel Martinez-Selles from the Gregorio Marañón University Hospital in Madrid. "This survival benefit is inherent to female sex and there are a number of potential explanations for the better outcomes in women. The female heart appears to respond to injury differently from the male heart."

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