New protein discovery could help quell cardiovascular disease

Mar 16, 2012

A new protein may help stop cardiovascular disease.

Some possible great news has come for those who suffer from cardiovascular disease, according to researchers at Queen Mary, University of London and the University of Surrey. Research has found a protein inside blood vessels that may have an ability to protect the body from substances that cause cardiovascular disease.

According to Dr. David Bishop-Bailey, who is based at Queen Mary's William Harvey Research Institute, the protein was able to sense a wide variety of drugs, foreign chemicals and food products in the blood. It can switch on specific pathways to help deal with them.

"We've known for a long time that this protein has an important role sorting out waste products in the liver - now we believe it could have an important role in protecting the body against cardiovascular disease," according to Bishop-Bailey.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that in 2008, more than 616,000 people died from heart disease in the United States. This was about 25 percent of all deaths. People with a family history of heart disease should consider life insurance.


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