Little improvements to diets can boost health

Mar 20, 2012

Bacon is delicious, but oh my is it bad for you.

Consumer Reports said three new health studies indicate that improving diet could go a long way toward helping health, which could lead to lowered chance of disease and paying less for a life insurance policy. One study from the Harvard School of Public Health looked at two studies with more than 120,000 participants.

"The researchers found an elevated risk of dying (either from cardiovascular disease or cancer) for each additional serving of red meat consumed," Consumer Reports said. "The risk of death was 12 percent higher for total red meat eaten, 13 percent higher for “unprocessed” red meat (like steaks and chops), and 20 percent higher for processed red meat (such as sausage, bacon and lunchmeat)."

Another study from the Journal of the American Heart Association found that for each sugary drink men consumed per day, their risk of coronary heart disease increased 19 to 25 percent. A third study by the Archives of Internal Medicine looked at 900 men with an average age of 82 and found that the more physical activity people engage, in the better chance they have of living longer. suggests keeping track of food intake by keeping a daily log, adding fruits and vegetables to a diet, and looking into getting help from a dietitian. These can all help lower costs of life insurance and improve general health.

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