New app may help monitor health

Mar 21, 2012

Smartphones can now help people stay healthier.

When it comes to managing health, people can live longer, stay around for their family and potentially save money on life insurance when they take the proper steps. One new smartphone app developed by researchers in New Zealand may help people manage their health by keeping track of things such as heart rate, blood pressure and temperature, according to Inderscience Publishers.

Users would carry a Bluetooth unit that would allow people to get the results in real time and, if necessary, send them to a medical office. This could go a long way in helping people stay healthy for longer.

"Any medical instructions can be sent back instantly to the mobile users," the team says. "The use of standard development tools makes it possible for patients to easily use everyday mobile devices for their personal health monitoring and assessment anytime anywhere... Bluetooth and mobile networks enable wireless communications among mobile users, medical professionals and other healthcare givers in an easy, secure and efficient manner."

According to Ontario, Canada's Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, patients can be passive when keeping track of health and sending in results, so this app could help people communicate more with their doctors. This could help save a lot of early life insurance claims.

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