Start planning for retirement ASAP

Mar 26, 2012

Retirement planning should start early.

In a blog piece for the Wisconsin Law Journal, Ed Poll, a principal of LawBiz Management, said professionals should develop a retirement plan as soon as possible, to best manage material assets. Life insurance, annuities and other financial products can help consumers plan for the future.

According to Poll, consumers should ask themselves what they want to be able to do once they retire, to help strategize how best to plan and save for the golden years, the Journal reported.

To help get consumers on the right track with retirement planning, Stack Wealth Management recently joined forces with Annuity Think Tank to launch an educational retirement income website. RetirementExpertCalifornia features daily retirement and income planning content, to answer consumer questions on how to start planning, what products are available and other common inquiries.

Stack Wealth Management decided to create the website as part of its services to help consumers transition from working to retirement. The company helps clients overcome obstacles in the way of a comfortable retirement through tactics such as debt reduction, tax management, insurance needs and investment guidance.

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