Retirement solutions thinking outside the box

Apr 02, 2012

Retirement planning is a unique process.

Many consumers choose to work with financial advisers to develop a retirement plan that will consist of many products such as life insurance, annuities and other savings accounts.

Sammons Retirement Solutions recently launched a LiveWell retirement product series featuring a new mutual fund and variable annuity options. The innovative mutual fund IRA gives clients a simple fee structure with no mutual fund product ticket charges, and no fees for automatic required minimum distributions. The annuity product reduces the cost and complexity of managing an annuity, by focusing on quality investment options in a tax-deferred vehicle.

Consumers can also find new resources on a recently launched website from Legacy One Financial. The financial institution teamed up with Annuity Think Tank to create an educational retirement income website called

The website aims to inform consumers on how best to plan for retirement and protect against financial hardship in the future. The website features income planning content with blogs, articles, and white papers. The website also hosts engaging videos focused on the value of creating a guaranteed lifetime income source through investment in planning products.

The website was created to be easily navigated by consumers of all ages. New information and content is updated to the website daily, ensuring consumers are up-to-date with the latest trends and news.

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