Two-arm blood pressure check may be better to find risks of heart disease

Apr 04, 2012

A two-arm blood pressure check may be better than one arm.

The standard one-arm blood pressure check has been used for years, but a new review and analysis finds that the two-arm check could be a better indicator of risk from heart disease or death.

The study, by University of Exeter Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry, found evidence that getting a view of both arms could help detect diseases such as cerebrovascular and peripheral vascular disease by getting an increased scope.

"We set out to investigate whether there was an association between differences in systolic blood pressure between arms and vascular disease and mortality," said Dr. Christopher Clark, clinical academic fellow at PCMD. "Our findings indicate a strong association, and that differences of 10mm Hg or 15mm Hg or more might help to identify patients who are at risk and who need further vascular assessment." said blood pressure checks are one reason why a life insurance screening could be important. For those who have a disease, prices of the policy could go up, but it is better to know and fight the illness.


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