Americans accept financial responsibility but want governmental support

Apr 12, 2012

Americans still crave government assistance.

A recent survey from the Certified Financial Planning Board found Americans recognize and accept responsibility for their financial security but still seek a governmental safety net. One way consumers can provide their own safety net is through term life insurance products.

The survey showed Americans struggle to balance short and long-term concerns, but are aware of a changing economy. While they understand they should plan for the future, they still believe the government should protect its people from fraud and abuse.

"Our nation's economic growth will be even greater if people are better armed to make smart financial decisions and plan for their financial future, which Americans are generally more optimistic about than negative," said Kevin Keller, BEO of the CFP Board.

Helping American consumers understand the value and importance of financial planning and life insurance products, many providers are developing online tools to inform and aid consumers in their decision-making process. For example, there are numerous blogs and articles available online that discuss the importance of life insurance.

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