Consider life insurance for Mother's Day

Apr 13, 2012

Consider life insurance for Mother's Day.

Mothers may be underinsured, according to research by a U.K. research company. A study by the company said that the value of both men and women for domestic work is around $50,000 for women and $32,000 for men, but the study said only 54 percent of women have a life insurance policy.

With Mother's Day coming on May 13, the company said life insurance should be purchased for women to help get them up to speed with men and make sure the family is fully protected in a worst-case scenario.

LIMRA reports that in the United States, six in 10 women own some kind of life insurance. The company said 70 percent of women find life insurance to be important compared with 62 percent of men, so the life insurance gap could become smaller soon.

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