Life insurance comes to the tablet

Apr 16, 2012

More life insurance apps are coming to tablets.

New technology is always driving industry, and life insurance is no exception. Now more than ever, there are apps on tablets for obtaining life insurance and figuring out what kind of policy is needed, according to LifeHealthPro.

"The very first life insurance-related app I came across was from the LIFE Foundation," Brian Anderson writes on the website. "The LIFE Foundation Needs Calculator HD app, which is free, helps consumers determine how much life insurance coverage they need based on answers they provide to a set of basic financial information questions. With the staggering number of uninsured and under-insured people out there, I wish every iPad owner would download and use this app."

Other apps included life insurance apps for salespeople, apps from companies that help people look at different types of policies for their many needs, and an app from Investopedia that allows people to look at a financial dictionary of more than 11,000 terms and definitions.

An earlier story from LifeHealthPro shows that life insurance tablet apps may become more popular, as companies are now starting to produce apps to help with sales. Customers should still be sure to shop around and compare rates even with useful apps.

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