Link between imminent heart attack risk and genetic structures discovered

Apr 20, 2012

Heart attacks and genetic structures may have a link.

According to a new report from the researchers at Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute, a connection has been made between small molecules called microRNAS and the threat of an imminent heart attack. Those who have a family history of heart disease may want to look into this, as life insurance can become more expensive to purchase after suffering a heart attack.

According to the study, the samples came from 85 patients. The research team found that three of six microRNA molecules were present in lower levels in patients who have had a heart attack within the next week versus those who didn't have a heart attack at all.

"About half of all heart attacks occur in patients with no previous signs of heart disease. The heart attack is a surprise, and very often it's deadly," says Jeffrey L. Anderson, MD, chief of cardiovascular research at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute. "This project has a lot of promise in helping us develop a way to identify these patients who don't show any obvious signs but are at imminent risk of suffering a heart attack."

A life insurance company said heart attacks at younger ages, a history of more than one heart attack and other heart disease factors could lead to more expensive life insurance. People should be sure to get checked up on frequently.

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