Drug to help quit smoking may help with drinking too

May 09, 2012

A drug that helps stop smoking may be able to help with alcohol too.

Quitting smoking and drinking can be extremely helpful for reducing premium costs on a life insurance policy, and those who have problems with these habits may have some help, according to a study by University of Chicago.

A drug called vareniciline, which is sold as Chantix, seems to increase the negative effects of alcohol and could be used as a possible treatment for alcoholism. This drug is normally used for smoking cessation, and researchers see the use with alcoholism as an unanticipated positive surprise.

"We found that varenicline increased the unpleasant effects of alcohol and decreased drug liking," said Emma Childs, research associate at the University of Chicago Medicine, who also authored the study, titled "Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research." "Thus, we think that varenicline may reduce drinking by altering the effects of alcohol."

For those trying to quit drinking, using a drug like this could go a long way. Once someone has kicked the habit, they may be able to get a cheaper premium for their life insurance policy.

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