Mobile apps can help track goals

May 18, 2012

Apps can help people improve their lives and save on life insurance, one writer says.

Setting goals can be a great way to lose weight, quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption, but sometimes individuals need a little more help to achieve these goals. Jessica Bosari of Forbes writes that people can now use smartphone or tablet apps to help them do a number of things in relation to insurance.

"Smoking can lower your life expectancy by decades and makes you a higher risk for life insurance companies, resulting in higher premiums," she writes, adding that the "Quitter" app for iPad and iPhone offers smokers ways to track how long they've gone without a cigarette and the amount of money saved as motivation. "To lower your costs and achieve a longer life span, quitting smoking is a great step."


Several similar smart phone and tablet apps are also designed to help you reach these goals.  Apps like the "Lose It!" app are designed to help get rid of extra weight and "BillMender," is designed to help people with bad credit get back on the right track. Reaching goals to improve health and lifestyle may have a positive impact on your wallet and increase your likelihood of finding affordable life insurance.


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