Defying age in retirement

Jun 19, 2012

Baby boomers are choosing to retire in an active lifestyle.

The baby boomer population is rapidly approaching retirement age. Many of these Americans are not only still working, but have no interest in settling down for a quiet retirement any time soon. Instead, these consumers are looking for ways to use their retirement savings and other products such as life insurance to actively enjoy their retirement while defying the standard stereotypes of aging.

In an interview with the Today Show, author and actress Suzanne Somers discussed her recent campaign to challenge the conventional wisdom associated with aging, and how advances in healthcare, beauty and longevity are enabling seniors to enjoy their golden years with activity and wellness.

Somers' book, Bombshell, said aging Americans are in complete control of how and where they age. Rather than accepting the notion that all people get old and tired when they retire, Somers calls for the baby boomer generation to proactively alter the stereotype and find their own personal aging and retirement style to suit their needs and interests. One way to achieve this is by planning for the future as soon as possible.

Rather than wishing for youth, Somers recommends consumers enjoy their success, memories, experience and knowledge only acquired with age. Consumers should be excited about embarking on a new journey in retirement, rather than long for the days when they were younger and less knowledgeable.

Somers calls for aging Americans to promise themselves to work on maintaining a healthy lifestyle as they age, so all the new adventures and discoveries can be enjoyed. People should focus on ways to be healthy, vibrant, energetic and happy. While approaching retirement, consumers should find ways to manage and reduce stress, sleep well, set goals and find unique ways of achieving them.

The Washington Times adds that where you live may also affect how happy and youthful an individual may feel. Chronological age is not the sole predictor of a person's physical or mental youthfulness. Aging Americans cans find or create their own environments to nurture a more vibrant lifestyle and energize their life before or during retirement.

Real Age analyzed data from 28 million people regarding their health and lifestyles to determine which cities or regions of the country are housing the happiest and healthiest aging adults. The key factors identified with aging well included minimizing stress, not smoking, eating well and getting plenty of healthy exercise.

San Francisco was named the best city in the country for aging Americans to feel young due to its active lifestyle and plethora of fresh fruit and vegetables available for purchase. San Diego was at the top of the list for its outdoor activities and low overall stress levels, while Salt Lake City has the happiest marriages and the lowest rate of smoking. Boston has low cholesterol and healthcare, while Austin residents have an optimistic outlook and lower stress levels. Also in the top ten for cities helping residents stay young was Minneapolis-St. Paul, Denver, Raleigh, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

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