Efinancial's Disaster Assistance and Resources

A Message to Policyholders and Communities Impacted by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey and Other Disaster Areas

Our thoughts are with those affected by the devastating impacts of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. Should you need any assistance with your policy(ies) during this difficult time, please contact your life insurance company's Customer Service team directly, or call the Efinancial Inforce Policy Services team to help direct you to the best contacts at your life insurance carrier.

We can be reached Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. CT at 800.482.6616 or email us at inforcepolicy@efinancial.com.

Below is a list of federal and/or state disaster services and resources that could help you as well:

  • National Hurricane Center:  The National Hurricane Center is a weather source that monitors tropical weather activity and provides updates on hurricanes, cyclones and other natural risks that can impact coastal areas.
  • FEMA Ready.gov/hurricanes: Ready.Gov is a national program featuring alerts and resources to help Americans prepare for potential natural and man-made disasters, take necessary safety precautions and facilitate any recovery efforts in their communities.
  • Texas Disaster Services: To remain updated on disaster assistance available through federal, state and other support organizations, please click here to refer to the State of Texas disaster resources web page.

  • IL Disaster Areas: For Illinois residents affected by flooding in July 2017, we are here to assist you with questions you may have concerning your policy and how to reach your insurance company. Please call or email us using the Efinancial contact information above. For your broader disaster support, you could visit the State of Illinois’ Disaster Recover web page