Life Insurance with No Medical Exam



No medical exam life insurance is a great option for those looking for an affordable, convenient way to secure term life insurance protection.  Offered in a variety of terms and coverage amounts, no exam life insurance policies provide peace of mind when you need it most. These policies offer many of the same benefits available through medically underwritten coverage, without the hassle of an arduous application process.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Coverage

Also known as non-medical issue life insurance, many consumers are surprised to learn that coverage requiring no medical exam is available. Unlike traditional policies, which require 4-6 weeks to issue,  term life insurance with no medical exam can often be secured in less than 24 hours. No exam coverage is available in three forms:

  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance – Also known as guaranteed acceptance, applicants are not required to answer any health related questions during the application process.  Coverage is available for anyone who applies. 
  • Graded Benefit Life Insurance – Graded benefit coverage usually involves a few health related questions.  Though the terms are a bit more complicated than guaranteed issue policies, the application process is relatively simple and coverage is available to many persons who might not qualify for a traditional product.  Full policy benefits may not be available during the first years of this type of policy. 
  • Simplified Issue Life Insurance – In order to complete the application process, applicants simply complete an application with health related questions.  The application is underwritten, but there is no need to undergo a medical examination or submit a blood test.  

Benefits of No Exam Life Insurance

Like all term policies, term life insurance with no medical exam provides financial assistance for your loved ones in the event of your death. There are however a number of benefits when comparing no exam coverage with traditional policies.

Life Insurance Coverage with No Medical Exam

It is important to note that policies offering life insurance coverage with no medical exam may generally cost a bit more than medically underwritten policies.  Traditionally, insurance companies have assessed risk based upon medical evaluations and perceived life expectancy. Providing coverage without a medical exam comes with a risk, a risk which translates to those higher premiums.  Many consumers do however choose to invest in no exam policies as a result of the ease and convenience of purchasing no exam coverage.
However, there are some insurers who offer life insurance policies with no medical exam at no additional cost based upon your health status and age.

Who Should Invest in No Exam Life Insurance?

Graded Death and Guaranteed Issue life insurance can be ideal for those with medical complications that may lead to a denial of traditional coverage, while Simplified Issue can be a good fit for those in good health who simply want to avoid a prolonged application process or the need for a medical examination.  If you fall under any of these categories, now is a great time to secure no exam coverage.

Whether you want term life insurance without medical questions or without an exam, Efinancial can help. We work with the top carriers in the industry, providing side by side comparisons of the most competitively priced policies on the market. Request your free quote and secure no exam life insurance coverage today.