Press Release: A Simple Way to Compare Insurance Rates Online

Efinancial, a leading provider of life insurance, takes strides to simplify the process of buying life insurance online; helping consumers compare coverage and premiums in a single interface.

Bellevue, Wash -- November 30, 2011 -- Efinancial, a leading online life insurance brokerage, is taking strides to simplify the task of buying life insurance online by giving consumers the resources and live support they need to compare, apply for, and purchase coverage online.

Established in 2001, Efinancial has been developing new and innovative ways to help consumers select and purchase life insurance from a simple, online interface. Today monitors top-rated insurance providers, delivering real-time life insurance quotes to consumers nationwide. In addition, Efinancial offers a library of resources, tools and information created to walk the consumer through the sometimes convoluted task of buying life insurance online.

With a staff of licensed life insurance agents available to answer questions and provide guidance 5 days a week. Efinancial has built a virtual life insurance brokerage from the ground up. In addition to live support, Efinancial offers a suite of tools and information to educate and empower their customers. Web tools and resources include the Efinancial Life Insurance Calculator, Net Worth Calculator, Life Insurance E-Learning Center, Cost of Raising Children Calculator, and more.

Since its infancy, Efinancial has experienced staggering growth, which can be attributed to an unprecedented shift in consumer behavior in the past ten years. With more and more people turning to the web to research and make major purchasing decisions, Efinancial has helped thousands of consumers buy life insurance online. The onset of the information age has taken consumer expectation levels to new heights. Today’s consumer has come to expect instantaneous access to pertinent information when making major purchases and/or decisions. The Efinancial platform has been developed with this consumer in mind, providing real-time life insurance quotes from the top insurance providers in the industry.

“We are so excited to continue to improve site functionality and find new and innovative ways to demystify the concept of buying life insurance online,” said Michael Rowell, CEO of Efinancial. “We are here to provide the same great service and products offered by traditional brick and mortar life insurance brokerages, with the convenience and speed of the online space.”

With more site improvements and plans for furthered company growth, Efinancial is poised to continue to remain a top innovator in the online insurance industry, making the process of buying life insurance online faster and simpler than ever. Look for more exciting developments to come out of Efinancial as they continue with this forward momentum.


Headquartered in Bellevue, Wash., Efinancial offers health, auto, home and life insurance to consumers nationwide. As a leading provider of online life insurance, Efinancial monitors top-rated insurance companies providing competitive rates, to give their customers the ability to shop and compare prices from the comfort of their home or office. To learn more about Efinancial, as well as the products and services they provide, visit or call 1-866-765-4296.


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