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It's not just what we do, it's why we do it.

A collaborative team in three great cities.

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Meet the People Behind eFinancial

Thoughts from ourteam:

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I love working for eFinancial. I feel recognized and appreciated here. When I want to grow professionally, I get nothing but support. We have a culture of inclusion and positive reinforcement. The company is striving to better the lives of their employees by adjusting benefits, promoting internally, hosting special events, and more.

Lily Danaher, eFinancial Supervisor, New Policy Holder Services

Lilly Danaher

Supervisor, New Policy Holder Services

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eFinancial has one of the most positive work cultures that I have seen. It is very people-oriented, with an active and involved leadership team. We are competitive, but we make sure that we are working together to hit our goals. Everyone is willing to lend a hand. I feel like I am part of a group of really awesome people.

Tracy Smid, eFinancial Senior Sales Manager

Tracy Smid

Senior Sales Manager

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I enjoy the challenge eFinancial offers me. In nearly 10 years, my responsibilities have grown, and I keep learning all the time. Our team is constantly evolving through process changes, incorporating new tools, interfacing with new partners, and solving different business problems. Unlike working at a big corporation, I never feel like a little cog in a large engine.

Stanley Ng, eFinancial Information Technology Manager

Stanley Ng

Director of Information Technology

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eFinancial is not just a job, it's a career and a rewarding one. I love working in a company that strives to lift people up and make sure I have what I need to succeed. But more, it's about what we stand for as a company. We are here to help families.

Melody Pierce, Senior Agent at eFinancial

Melody Pierce

Senior Account Executive

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I look forward to coming to work every day. The products we offer provide peace of mind to thousands of families every year. And, personally, I appreciate how eFinancial supports my efforts to develop as a manager and leader.

Marty Mendoza, Director, eIndependent Division

Marty Mendoza

Senior Director of eIndependent

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The family-like work environment is great. Everyone wants to help each other here, and this is the best work culture that I have experienced. eFinancial is a very fun place to work, but you can also find tremendous success when you put the work in! My career has grown with eFinancial, I am now a licensed broker in more than 20 states. I can truly see my hard work payoff.

Amon Walker

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eFinancial has a great culture. Leadership is honest, approachable, and fair. The environment fosters constant collaboration and positive accountability. Constructive feedback and coaching sessions help me perfect my craft, and it's all done in a positive light. There is a small company feel with plenty of room to grow. In each position I’ve had, and with access to multiple managers, I’ve learned different styles and approaches. I come in everyday ready to improve.

Rosalie Rozos

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Coming to eFinancial is the best decision I’ve made in my professional career. This is a rare organization due in part to the passion we show for fostering the development of our agents. Not only does management truly invest in your development, but we empower others to encourage new employees and support their co-workers. When you feel like a part of an organization that will go the extra mile for you, it inspires you to do the same. It is an amazing environment for personal and professional growth.

Ruben Gonzalez

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I value the people I get to work with every single day. From the management team to my own team, every individual brings so much experience and diversity. Getting to work alongside them inspires me to be better at my job. Advancing their careers and watching personal lives transforms is amazing! From starting as an entry-level employee and now as a Manager, I’ve had the support and mentorship to be successful in every role and be prepared for my next opportunity.

Lyndsey Benjamin

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