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3 Reasons to Attend Life Insurance Training and Continuing Education

Jul 10, 2013 2 Minute Read

Even the most veteran life insurance agents could benefit from life insurance training and continuing education. As a successful life insurance agent, you probably understand the basic ins and outs of the industry, but additional training and education can have many benefits, some of which we share today.

The Industry Changes

To remain successful it is important to stay on top of current industry practices which are constantly evolving and changing. Training and continued education can also help you develop new sales techniques or sales strategies, plus improve your knowledge of the life insurance industry. The more knowledgeable you are about the products you sell and the industry overall, the more likely it is that prospective clients will trust you.

Life insurance agent and product training from eFinancial will review common underwriting questions, product developments, pitfalls to look out for when writing business and life insurance sales techniques.

Beyond the basics of life insurance, there are many training opportunities specifically around sales, marketing and different products. If there is an area you’re interested in learning more about, it should be easy to find training to attend.

New Ideas

Talking to a brokerage specialist or attending carrier training on products and industry trends is bound to stir up some creative juices and inspire you. You may come up with new ideas for sales, marketing or products and trying new ideas may help bring in more sales or new business.