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4 Ways to Get New Life Insurance Business

Dec 26, 2012 2 Minute Read

You have a deep understanding of your product. You have perfected your sales presentation. Now, all you need is a steady stream of customers to sell to. Below you will find 4 tips to help generate new life insurance business.

Ask for Referrals

When you close a sale with a satisfied customer, you can ask for him or her to refer you to their friends and family. Many customers are more than happy to share a positive experience. You can even ask for a few names of individuals and contact them yourself.

Add a note to your business cards, email signature, and other marketing materials asking for referrals. You’d be surprised how readily some customers will assist you.

Buy Life Insurance Leads

If you would like to save on time spent qualifying leads yourself or if you need more leads to satisfy your life insurance business ambitions, you may choose to buy life insurance leads online. Make sure you buy your leads from a reputable organization. You can often choose leads based on basic demographic information. These leads should come pre-qualified and ready to move forward with the life insurance buying process. You should always ask for a sample lead before you make a purchase.

Look for an Underserved Market

Is there a local market that has not been tapped in your area? Perhaps there is a need for someone to sell life insurance to the elderly in your community. Maybe there are no agents helping small business owners. Research your community to see where there are areas of need. If you find one, don’t hesitate to start contacting people in that market.

Partner with Other Businesses

You can create partnerships with other local business people to help build referrals. For instance, if a client also needs property insurance, you can send him to a local agent that handles that product. That agent, in turn, has already agreed to refer customers looking for life insurance to you. You can create an entire network of these connections to help build your life insurance business. Think of all the businesses in your area that can be fruitful partners. Make a list and start contacting them.

These are just a few of the ways that you can keep business coming to your door.