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5 Expert Tips to Grow Your Life Insurance Business

Jun 7, 2012 2 Minute Read

Whether you’re just starting out in the insurance industry, or you’ve been active for several years, growing your business is at the forefront of any agent’s mind. To help boost your business check out these easy tips.

  1. Schedule a seminar. For example, a retirement planning seminar is a great way to get people interested in life insurance. Use story-selling techniques to drive home the importance of owning a life insurance policy. Reach each participant on a personal level to help drive the importance of life insurance.
  2. Try a fun marketing campaign. One of the best tips to grow a life insurance business is to have fun while you’re doing it. Life insurance is a serious subject, and if you can find a fun way to market it, you’ll be able to get more people interested. Utilize local radio shows and newspapers in your campaign to get your local community involved.
  3. Leverage existing customers. While it’s important to attract new customers, you shouldn’t forget those who are already in your book of business. Find out which term policies are about to expire, or check in to see if a major life event has them looking at additional coverage. Offer your expertise and assistance to help them find new or supplemental coverage. If you sell multiple type of insurance, look for cross-selling opportunities. The key is to stay in touch with your current customers and stay upto date on their ever-changing life insurance needs.
  4. Request referrals. If your customers trust you and enjoyed their experience working with you, they’ll be an ideal person to spread good word of mouth for your services and will likely be more than willing to pass on your information to friends and family.
  5. Give online leads a try. Leads are key to growing your life insurance business. If you’re not already involved in an online lead program, start looking into the process now. You’ll be able to reach qualified leads with ease. May lead programs allow you to customize your lead selection based on your target audience, budget and type of lead.

By utilizing a mix of marketing tools to enhance your life insurance business you’ll increase your likelihood of reaching new prospects while maintaining relationships with existing customers. For more information on reaching new prospects, view additional posts on our blog.