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5 Marketing Concepts to Boost Your Success

May 14, 2012 2 Minute Read

In order to boost your book of business, it is vital to try new insurance marketing concepts. There are numerous concepts that can be used to reach new clients and further developing those that are already in your book. Some of these concepts are well known, while others are being adapted as times change and consumer habits change.

Let’s take a look at 5 insurance marketing concepts that you can put to work in your agency.

  1. Go Social. The power of social networking can be used to help you promote different life insurance products. The key is first getting the followers you need to expand your reach. Once you have a good base of followers, regularly post content that is relevant and helpful. For example, you can share information about the differences between term and whole life insurance, or even share examples and stories that drive home the importance of life insurance.
  2. Try the personal touch. Reaching out to your customers personally is one of the oldest insurance marketing concepts but it still has its place. Reach out by sending out personalized letter. Keep in touch with your clients and learn when they are going through life events that are great triggers for updating or purchasing new life insurance.
  3. Hold Seminars. Estate and retirement seminars are not only educational, but they also provide a great way to inform your clients about their options with life insurance. Keep the events small and manageable — you can always hold more than one seminar. Rather than focusing on the hard sell, focus instead on providing quality information. The sales will come as a natural result.
  4. In-House Marketing Efforts. In-house insurance marketing concepts can also be used to help you reach your customers. Use digital picture frames on your desks to drive home your marketing message and illustrate the need for life insurance. Don’t be afraid to get creative — whatever you can use to get the conversation started will help.
  5. Build Relationships. Staying in touch with your customers will help you continue to build relationships with them. Trust is one of the most important insurance marketing concepts you’ll ever grasp. When your customers trust you, they will come to you for assistance and they know you’ll be there to help them. Work on developing relationships and while you don’t want to hound them, keep in regular communication.

These insurance marketing concepts may not be earth shattering, but they work. Start by implementing a few and see how your client base responds. Keep reaching out in your community and showing that you are involved in their lives. Over the long term, this will give you the stability and standing in your community that you need to be a success.