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5 Steps to Improve your Website

Mar 14, 2013 2 Minute Read

More often than not, a client is going to check out your website even before contacting you. Your website is an important marketing tool, and it should be professional, easy to use and have plenty of information. We’ve got five tips to help you whip your website into shape.

  1. Back to Basics

    Take a look at all of the pages on your website and make sure each message is a simple one. Don’t try to stuff multiple actions onto each page. For example, if you have a page devoted to getting a life insurance quote, make sure it’s only about how to obtain a quote. Don’t include information about newsletters or FAQs on that page.

  2. Stay Consistent

    As you update your website, make sure that it stays consistent with coloring, font and design. Be sure to check your website from time to time to make sure that all the links still work. The last thing you want clients to see is a choppy website with links that don’t work.

  3. Redesign: Get a Makeover

    If you’re still using the same format and design from when you first started your website several years ago, consider a redesign. You want to make sure the site doesn’t look dated, and stays consistent with your company’s growth.

  4. Add New Content

    Make sure you’re updating your website every now and then with tweaks and new content. Search engines value fresh content, and it shows clients that your company has a lot going on. Make sure you update your “About Us” page yearly to reflect new awards, products or team members. Post recent news or press releases, and consider starting a blog.

    Blogs can drive a lot of traffic to your site, and help clients see you as a life insurance expert. But before you start a blog, make sure you are committed to posting often. A blog that isn’t updated frequently can do more harm than good.

  5. Make Contact Info Prominent

    Make sure your website shows how easy it is to contact your business. Include a phone number, address, email address and any other vital information for customers. Make the information easy to find, and not hidden under a contact tab.

It may seem like a lot of work simply for a website, but it’s worth it. An effective online presence can go a long way to increase website traffic, which you can turn into leads, and ultimately life insurance sales.